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CRYOCRISTIN is the distributor of CRYOSCREEN device from CRYONIC MEDICAL


A light weight, portable, handheld cryotherapy device with a combination of accessories that range from nozzles, diffusers and cold press applicators. It is a drug free and non-invasive treatment. 

It is low cost to run.

The ergonomically designed device delivers a variety of cold therapies using liquid CO2 vapour at minus 78 °C combined with 50 bar pressure.

What does this do?

This reduces the skin temperature typically to 4 °C within 30 seconds, from 30 °C. This is called CryoStimulation.

What does CryoStimulation do to the patient?

This induces the ‘thermic shock’ that creates four physiological effects;

  • Analgesic effect
  • Anti-inflammation effect
  • Vasomotor effect
  • Myorelaxant effect

This treatment has the combined effect of being a pleasant experience for the patient giving them an ongoing feeling of relief, wellness and increased mobility.

Cryostimulation is the  correct combination of temperature and pressure that induces a THERMIC SHOCK into the patient's body that achieves 4 key effects: 





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